SAP Business ByDesign and Netsuite shoot out: the panel verdict

by Dennis Howlett on December 11, 2009

The SAPience conference showcased a shoot out between SAP Business ByDesign and Netsuite. I filmed the whole event but am only posting the panel’s verdict in the public domain. It was an excellent way for the audience to see how two companies handle a sales lead to cash business process. It encouraged some well nuanced observations from the panel which included our own Vinnie Mirchandani and Ray Wang.

I was particularly impressed by the fact the ByDesign demonstrator – who was not an SAP employee was able to pick up the solution fairly quickly. He’d only recently seen the solution. I was equally impressed by the Netsuite demonstrator – again a non-employee – who showed a good understanding of the service’s capabilities. It implied that the path to getting on board with a SaaS style of ERP is not going to be difficult in the hands of users. That will be a key point for buyers looking to adopt alternative models. It also means that fast start provisioning new companies, subsidiaries and those that don’t need deep, enterprise level process tools will be a lot easier than traditional on premise software. How that changes over time is another matter but for now, that has to be a good omen.

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