Four Advocates ranked in top 100

by Dennis Howlett on December 2, 2009

Dennis Howlett  (ranked no.2)

Ray Wang (ranked no. 20 )

Vinnie Mirchandani ranked (no. 24  )

Frank Scavo (ranked no. 93)

…have been recognized in the Technobabble blog analyst listings. Given our tight focus on buy side issues, this is a highly satisfying result.

The tech industry is awash with listings and rankings but we see this as especially pleasing. We spend almost nothing on promotion or marketing  but prefer to stand by the results we’re able to to deliver into the buying community coupled to our public output.

Thanks go to all who talk about us, link to our work, Tweet our thoughts. It is you who make this kind of thing possible. Let’s hope that in 2010 we can live up to and improve our positioning and buyer expectations.

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  • There is a great deal of debate amongst AR pros, analysts and the buy-side community as to what is an analyst. Personally I believe things have changed and we need to take a broader look at influence from all sides.

    Well done to everyone on making this list.

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